The specialist team at HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings is on hand to assist you with your successful planning application. Our technical team will provide you with all the temporary building plans and drawings required to support a successful planning application.  

In addition to detailed drawings, each HTS tentiQ modular building is supplied with a comprehensive generic stability calculation. This means that the building you require, will meet the required loadings specified for your local area.

These generic calculations will comply with the majority of Australian & NZ postcode areas. However, should the proposed building be situated in areas of extreme wind or snow, we can arrange for a detailed site specific calculation which will determine the most suitable of our modular building products for your particular application and geographical location. In virtually all cases planning permission will be granted.

It is important to note that our temporary buildings are manufactured from environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable materials. If required by the planning authority, the building can be supplied with a choice of wall cladding and roof colour options that will blend with the surrounding area.

Useful Planning Permission Information:

  • Planning permission should always be sought from your local planning / building control office.
  • Plan ahead – local planning committees generally meet every four – eight weeks to discuss recent applications. Your application should be submitted in good time to avoid unwanted delays.
  • When applying for permission, provide as much detail as possible with particular reference to the required timescales.  If you require the building for a period of 18 months for example, ensure that you say so at the time of the application. If the requirement exceeds 18 months, you should request an extension which will be granted.
  • Temporary planning permission is not an option– full consent is required.
  • Planning permission is not required if the temporary modular building will be used while you refurbish your existing property.

HTS tentiQ offer standard off-the-shelf buildings or a comprehensive full design and build service for:  Showrooms, transport warehouse facilities, covered storage, clear span warehouses, temporary warehouses, wide span warehousing, storage depots, new build warehousing, logistical warehousing, portable buildings, temporary structures, modular buildings, industrial buildings, storage buildings, temporary retail stores, temporary class rooms.

Need more information? The HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings technical support and service team is just one call away.