Design your own temporary building and submit to HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings for a price estimate.

To start your design click on Step 1 below and work your way through to Step 6.

HTS will then send you a PDF copy with your price estimate.

Note:  the configurator designs are examples only and your final building may be modified to meet specific design, project and site requirements.     

This building configurator is designed for our standard building range. If you require a more specific individual building design, then please complete a detailed enquiry request, or call us on 01276 462600 to discuss your building requirements.

A bit about our buildings before your start…

  • Buildings created using our configurator will be suitable for the majority of industrial and commercial applications.
  • All buildings will be designed, manufactured and installed by HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings.
  • Buildings can generally be delivered and installed on site in under a week.
  • Standard sizes range from 10.00m – 30.00m widths, unlimited length and side heights up to 7.20m.
  • Walls are non-insulated or insulated steel sheet cladding.
  • Roof coverings are non-insulated or insulated PVC or steel cladding.
  • You will be able to hire, purchase or lease your HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings temporary building.

If  you need more information follow our step by step guide

Step 1 – Dimensions

Dimensions – Select your preferred building width, eave height and length. Once complete proceed to step 2.


Step 2 – Roof & Walls

Roof Type – Select a single layer PVC roof for basic ambient storage and operations, an insulated PVC roof for sensitive storage and operations or a steel roof for more permanent applications
Wall Type – Select PVC environmentally friendly recycled walling, non-insulated steel sheet for basic weather protection or insulated steel sheet for a higher degree of insulation. Once complete proceed to step 3.


Step 3 – Access & Windows

Access and Windows – Select and add your preferred window and personnel or vehicle access options. Once complete proceed to Step 4.


Step 4 – Cladding Colours

Cladding Colours – Select your roof and wall colour scheme. Once complete proceed to Step 5.


Step 5 – Features

Features – Add additional options including guttering and lighting. Once complete proceed to Step 6.


Step 6 – Summary

Summary – Enter your contact and general project details. Once complete, save and submit your configuration to HTS tentiQ Industrial Buildings and await your detailed quotation.