Temporary warehouse on unlevel ground

inside temporary warehouse on unlevel ground
temporary warehouse built on unlevel ground
concrete ring beam for temporary warehouse on unlevel ground
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    L Series temporary warehouse

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Customer Requirement

The client is a leading global manufacturer of forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment. They needed a temporary warehouse to accommodate finished fork lift products that had previously been stored outside or in the existing warehouse. This would then free up the space in the warehouse that they needed. The only suitable space they had available though for the temporary warehouse was on unlevel ground, with a variance of 1.5m from the lowest to the highest point.



The client contacted a number of temporary building providers explaining the issue of the unlevel ground. Most suppliers however didn’t seem to have the knowledge or experience of building on this kind of a slope and weren’t able to provide any technical answers, detail or costs.

HTS Industrial were the only supplier to provide a full and detailed technical spec on the foundations and concrete ring beam required to accommodate the slope and the building.

To achieve a level and safe base there was no room for any error in the sizing and laying of the concrete ring beam. Working closely with the groundworks crew HTS ensured this was achieved. Once the base was prepared the HTS site team went on to construct the following temporary warehouse:

  • Insulated warehouse on unlevel ground, 20.00m wide by 50.00m long by 4.00m wall height
  • 3 x personnel doors
  • 1 x electric steel roller shutter door, customised to accommodate the slope
  • UPVC guttering including down-pipes and lighting
  • Side and gable walls supplied in single skin corrugated steel sheeting
  • Roof and gable cover – industrial grade, air-filled white PVC coated fabric
  • Building installed on site in one week