Custom-built Temporary Warehouse Helps Expand Production

custom-built temporary warehouse
custom-built temporary warehouse in use
customised temporary warehouse
  • Building

    L-Series Custom Built Temporary Warehouse

  • Width


  • Length


  • Eave Height


  • Roof Type

    Thermo Insulated


The client who came to us with a requirement for a custom built temporary warehouse was a leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging. They offer a full service which includes designing, manufacturing and branding. The imminent arrival of some new machinery, needed to expand production, meant that a significant amount of storage space in the warehouse was being lost. Having already been in touch with HTS regarding another site project that fell through, the client made quick direct contact once more.


After surveying the site it was clear that a bespoke building was required. Not only in terms of a customized width of 12.00m to fit in the specified area, but also in terms of allowing artic movement around the building and through the site. The space between the top external corner of the building and the site boundary was too tight for artic access. With customization being such a strong area for HTS, it was relatively easy to design and engineer a building that had the top right-hand corner removed, creating the precise amount of space for easy artic access around the building. The final custom built temporary warehouse manufactured and installed was:

  • L-Series Insulated custom built temporary warehouse
  • 12.00m wide by 90.00m long and 7.20m eave height
  • Insulated sandwich panel wall cladding
  • Thermo insulated roof to prevent condensation affecting the cardboard
  • Full guttering system and downpipes
  • 6 pedestrian doors
  • Install time – 6 days


The custom-built temporary warehouse ensured space was created in time to receive the new production machinery allowing the company to move raw material stock and grow the operation as planned.