Temporary industrial canopies – the easiest way to protect stock?

Many manufacturers have been turning to temporary industrial canopies as an easy and affordable way to protect stock, equipment, employees and loading operations from the weather.  With the choice of hire or buy and an installation method that takes less than a week, it’s not surprising.  So, what are temporary industrial canopies, how can they be used and are they right for your business?

What are temporary industrial canopies?

Temporary industrial canopies are aluminium framed structures with a PVC roof and with or without walling. They range from 10 – 30m wide and up to a 6m wall height. The aluminium frame makes them very easy to install directly onto existing concrete surfaces with minimal labor, equipment and delay. This not only means canopies can be installed within a week, but that it’s easy to install and link them to existing warehouse facilities.

Essentially though, the modular design and installation process makes these  canopies an incredibly easy, fast and affordable solution to protect loading and unloading operations from weather damage. And simple doesn’t mean they scrimp on quality or durability. The frames are engineered to meet whatever structural safety requirements are needed for individual sites.

How can they be used?

Temporary canopies can be hired or purchased and used as a very fast solution to protect any stock, equipment or employees. The most popular use is as a warehouse canopy extension to cover loading operations. For this application they can be linked to existing warehouse facilities ensuring full integration with handling and storage operations.

They also consistently prove their value as a stand-alone basic storage unit, pretty much anywhere on site where there is a need for weather protection and a suitable surface to build on.

Linking canopies together to create a larger area is standard practice as is building on unlevel ground and gradients by adjusting the frame.

The easy installation technique is just as easy in reverse, providing a fast and efficient dismantle and removal procedure that leaves little if no evidence of the canopy’s existence. The dismantle and removal process is usually applicable to Hire contracts, but for Purchase contracts, it also offers the flexibility to remove the canopy and sell it on the open market at a later date if circumstances change.

Are they right for your business?

If you have a need to quickly and affordably cover your loading operation, stock or equipment then yes, undoubtedly, these temporary industrial canopies are the perfect choice for your business. Simple solutions can very often be the best, and it couldn’t be truer in this case. For those businesses that are unsure there is always the ‘try before you buy’ option of Hiring. So, you may end up paying a hire contract for 6 months and then purchasing the canopy anyway, but the point is the option is there for any businesses that are not sure.

You can create your own temporary industrial canopy by using our free, easy to use on-line Configurator Tool

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